Fiber Patch CordGT 2000 Series L2 Switch


Global Tech GW1800 G/EPON SME/SOHO gateway is multi service application and access products which specially designed for enterprises. The device adopts advanced network hardware platforms and the integration of software solutions to provide quality, reliable network service integrated access technology for enterprises. The gateway adopts WAN. It is not only support EPON/GPON access but also support advanced function such as router, voice, switch, security, WiFi/3G, VPN and Web management, which assures its easy and convenient installation. The unit provides the best integration of data and voice solution for enterprises. With multi service and multi function designed, it can better fulfill the growing demand of more applications to IMS/NGN networks for enterprises in the future.

l The ultra-high broadband access services: Support for operators’ fiber-optic access available, built-in EPON or GPON ONU module.
l High integration of basic functions: Support data communication, switch, wireless network,3G and voice access functions.
l Voice support for multiple protocols: Support voice service access from operators IMS/NGN network.
l Convenient and flexible wireless access: Wireless 802.11n  WiFi access, 300Mbps wireless connection speed.
l Various kind of management:  Web, quick configuration, SNMP/TR069/BBMS telecom grade network management system.

Access Mode


Provide 2 ports of WAN uplink to IP MAN network.


Build in ONU module for EPON, inter work with various brands of OLT equipments.


Build in ONU module for GPON, inter work with various brands of OLT equipments.


Uplink Management

PON+WAN dual uplink or dual WAN uplink, realized 1+1 protection

Data Configuration

Support local/remote backup and recover


IP Data

Support DHCP, NAT, NAP, VLAN, PPPoE, IMS, DDNHS and so on.

Voice Service

Support voice access service from IMS and NGN network of operators. Provide multiple voice value-added service.


Supports priority queues, support SP and WRR scheduling mechanism, support a variety of ways for bandwidth limitation.


Support IEEE802.11a/b/n wireless standard, multiple virtual AP function and multiple authentication encryption


Internal and external network support 100Mbps wire speed switching and routing which able to bring 100 set of PC to access the internet.



Support status detecting firewall,data packet filtering function in backbone quintuple form, schedule working strategy, anti-DdoS attack and anti-ARP attack.

Application Control

Support visitors control of backbone IP address, port, protocol, time and user. Support control function of various kind of application software such as game, instant online software(MSN,YM,SKYPE and so on),email, download and key word filtering.


Support PPTP,12TP, IPSec, VEN, SSL and VPN


Network Management

Support SNMP, TR069, Syslog, system online upgrade, configuring data backup and recover.

Local Management

Support Web management and quick configuration.

Statement Analysis

Support report subscriptions in daily, weekly and monthly

Operation Environment

Physical Dimension

340 mm×245 mm×43.5 mmW×D×H



Power Supply

100 V240 V ,50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

≤30 W

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