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EasyLink 10G Microwave 20KM Multiwave Packet Radio

EasyLink 10G Microwave multiwave radio is a compact all-outdoor packet radio solution, combining the advantages of an all-outdoor profile with carrier-grade performance of Multiwave Family, generates significant CAPEX and OPEX savings.

EasyLink is the innovative packet radio which is the perfect replacement of optical fiber cable and FSO.

Robust and durable single-box structure withstands harsh weather conditions and can be easily mounted on towers, rooftops, lamp posts, traffic light poles and small outdoor mobile cell-sites.

Enhanced spectrum utilization, low-latency traffic and comprehensive synchronization solution.

Software-scalable bandwidths (ETSI up to 112 MHz, FCC up to 80MHz) and adaptive modulation

schemes (QPSK-4096QAM) provide traffic with more flexibility and strong adaptability to various application environments.

EasyLink microwave is  fully compliant with the IEEE 802.1/3 and RFC standards for various Ethernet functionalities.

User-friendly Management- Telnet, WEB GUI, NMS, SNMP Manager. Software and firmware online upgradeable.

Can be applied to Broadband Access, EasyLink multiwave Packet Radio is an affordable medium capacity radio solution for enterprises that need private lines and broadband Ethernet traffic. It offers solutions with fine combination of cost effectiveness & short commission time for the following applications:

l Video transmission, video conference

l DSLAM backhaul

l No right-of-way

l Extending network from a fiber POP

l Zero footprint, fully outdoor and cost-effective solution

l QoS (Quality of Service) based on port, VLAN ID/Priority, DSCP for traffic prioritization

l Scalable bandwidths (ETSI up to 112 MHz, FCC up to 80MHz ) and flexible modulation

l schemes (QPSK-4096QAM) to secure best link performance

l Advanced multilevel LDPC and RS FEC

l Up to 4Gbps capacity with Hitless Automatic Adaptive Coding and Modulation (HAACM)

l The capacity can be up to 8Gbps by 2-radios aggregation

l Power supply with coaxial cable or 2-wire cable

l Multi-GE ports with 2-10 Gb

l High availability and reliability based on licensed frequencies 5~44G

l Jumbo frame up to 10240 bytes

l Layer-2 switching, auto MDI/MDXI, VLAN, QoS, QinQ, STP/RSTP, LACP

l 16K Mac Table Entries

l RF and digital loopback capability

l Adaptive digital Pre-distortion feature

l ATPC and built-in FEC function

l Built-in Bit Error Rate (BER) monitoring and spectrum scan

l Small and attractive profile, Low latency and low power consumption, wide operating temperature range fits all weather conditions

l Management capability as well as SNMP and Https call

l Support Local and Remote loopback for Line checking

l System Log for alarm, events, configuration.

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