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4G AI Tactical BWC Turnkey Solution for SWAT/Police/Military

The world is become more complicated and challenged by criminal, protester and so on.  Global Tech is aiming on difficult and challenge  of end user encountered and do offer one stop turnkey solution.  A fare truth for people and protect human right and life are our achievement in the whole solution.


How to remotely monitor distribution of security personnel in work area?

How to send emergency call remotely? How do real-time feedback from front-end personnel in case of emergency?

How do personnel communicate with each other for help? How to record, save, collect and manage the situation on site?

How to automatically find the target person in the crowd and alert?

How should the network of the monitoring center be planned and designed?


Solution: Global Tech X8 4G body worn camera, docking station, monitoring center. And it has AI face recognition function.



Diagram And Topology






Feature of solution


Benefit: Live streaming transmission via 4G network, upload alert message by SOS button. SMS sending, two-way audio communication, IP67 water proof, face verify, face compare for criminal, streaming recording and remote commanding.   Remote turn on BWC and

Face compare for criminal: The camera can capture the face and compare it with the picture in the black list, which storage in local camera; as long as it matched, it will give an alert, and snapshot a picture of the face.

Face verify: This means, as long as you registered a face, and then only this user can user the camera and do other operations, each user can define a username, when scan the face, it will switch the username automatically.

monitoring centerGlobal Tech provides turnkey solution include Cisco switch and SD- WAN, F5 Load Balance, Palo Alto Firewall and AI Facial recognition BWC, At the same time, we have a very good price advantage for these products and rich experience on integration of above product.


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