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Point to Multi Point PCM Chassis Solution

PCM Series Products are widely use in private network, military affairs, electronic, oil and gas, tranffic control and other relative field. The main funtion of this equipment are use for trasmitting data/serial signal(surveilance, remote control, alarm), internal telephone(FXO/FXS/E&M) and Ethernet Signal.  Global Tech T-team(technical and topology) are offering low cost and high performance solution to customers which according to real application and topology.

Diagram And Network Topology



Feature of solution


1. Every operator and it's network has it's own needs and requirements. GT-PCM Series Chassis with it's modular architecture provides one platform which can fit into a variety of needs. This also enables a pay as you grow model. Base chassis variants of 4U (18 slot) and  along with an expansion chassis are available. A variety of tributary cards for both voice and Packet help the operator arrive at the most optimal configuration for a particular requirement.

2.The chassis can aggregating abundant service ports like FXS/FXO, FE, V.35 and E1 from remote node. It can support N*E1 access or optical port access.

3.The key feature of this solution is adopt 1U,19inch standalone CPE unit to gathering small volumn a nd variety of service(FXS/FXO,ETH,E1,RS232,E&M) and then transmiiting through E1 or Fiber Optical channel to chaiss in central. This feature can maximum reduce the total cost.

4.The whole solution adopt uniform NMS platform which convennience for maintaince and management.

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