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Point to Multi Point Aggregation Interface Converter Solution

 In traditional point to multi point leased line network topology, people often adopt Ethernet interface converter in pair to realize Ethernet service transmission. It is simple and low cost but hard for centrol NMS management. And beside of that, too much link of interface converter put in centre will bring lots of problem such as space, hard for maintained and difficult for expansion
Global Tech DNT-A series point to multipoint aggregation interface converter can solving all kinds of difficult in above. The series can realised low cost access, simple topology and center NMS.


Diagram And Topology


Feature of solution

1.Center adopt high volumn and density aggregation interface converter. The 1U unit can aggregating the Ethernet service which from multi remote node.
2.Flexible bandwidth configuration. The bandwidth can set base on E1 quantity.
3. Center NMS management(GUI), support standard SNMP via in band and out band.
4. Center equipment have following series. 
16E1 to FE/GE, 63E1 to GE, STM1 to FE/GE and STM4 to FE/GE.
5. Remote Unit(CPE) have following series. 
  Single E1 to FE, 4E1 to FE, 8E1 to FE and 16E1 to FE.


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