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Swisscom joins global M2M association

Swisscom has been confirmed as the newest member of the Global M2M Association (GMA), joining a variety of operators looking to advance M2M and IoT telecoms services globally.

The GMA focusses on developing various machine-to-machine managed services for operators, including M2M roaming and seamless connectivity of machines and IoT devices. The GMA says it also focusses on optimising interoperability across borders by utilising unified incident management processes, harmonised modules testing and certification procedures.

Swisscom joins global tier one operators representing Europe, North America and Asia – including Deutsche Telekom,Orange, TeliaSonera, Telecom Italia, Bell Canada and SoftBank. Deutsche Telekom’s SVP of M2M, Alexander Lautz, ­­says Swisscom’s arrival will help to ease further integration of pan-European M2M and IoT services.

“The GMA demonstrates our intention to work together more closely in the interest of our customers and the M2M ecosystem,” he said. “With Swisscom, we are gaining one of the M2M pioneers whose vision for the market complements well that of the GMA.”

The GMA operates the Multi-Domestic Service, which helps manage multiple M2M devices equipped with an embedded SIM card, operated by the GMA’s operator members. Gerhard Schedler, who is head of Swisscom’s M2M and IoT centre of competence, said the platform will allow for simplified M2M processes going forward.

“The unified M2M connectivity management platform among GMA members allows improved amid simplified processes,” he said. “For instance, the status of connected products throughout the lifecycle – from production, testing, shipping and distribution to the end-user will be automatically adapted and easily manageable.”

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