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LG, Samsung and SK Telecom agree to join forces over Smart Home

Three Korean tech giants – LG, Samsung and SK Telecom – have announced they are collaborating over the delivery of smart home services.

SK already has a smart home platform, which it launched back in May and offers to its subscribers. The main feature of this move is to make that platform instantly compatible with IoT devices being produced by LG and Samsung. These could include dedicated smart home products but also regular consumer electronics, possible hastening the arrival of the fabled connected fridge.

“We have been making efforts to create an open ecosystem around our Smart Home platform to bring benefits to all stakeholders,” said Cho Young-hoon, Head of Smart Home TF at SK Telecom. “Cooperation with two global consumer electronics giants Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics is expected to take smart home to the next level, providing users with greater value and convenience.”

“We are pleased to join hands with SK Telecom in the smart home business to assure the potential of the open ecosystem,” said Choi Seong-ho, Head of Smart Business Center at LG Electronics. “We hope this collaboration will become a role-model for both electronics and telecommunications companies to achieve mutual growth.”

“We have a strategic plan to collaborate with diverse companies who have their own smart home platforms to maximize effectiveness of customers’ use,” said Yoon C. Lee, Head of Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics. “We are delighted to work with SK Telecom who is leading the smart home business in Korea.”

While on the face of it this is of interest only to the South Korean market, as with many tech innovations in that country it could set a precedent for the rest of us. It’s quite possible that the best way for consumer IoT to proliferate will be for CE and telecoms companies to collaborate as closely as possible and this move could be a catalyst for that.

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